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[personal profile] shopfront2009-05-07 10:35 pm

Interest in The Freak Times on DW?

[ profile] thefreaktimes is currently on hiatus due to a lack of time on my part as a moderator and co-ordinator for the project. If you happen across this community mirror, and are familiar with the project (or would like to check out the details at livejournal and return here) and might be interested in working on the project based on Dreamwidth, please drop me a comment! I would like to revitalise the project here if there's interest.

On Livejournal, co-ordination of the project was done by volunteers under lock at the same community. Volunteers chose a fic location to dig through, and submitted a minimum (which was at times anywhere between 5-10 links, depending on current level of volunteer availability) number of links, with all appropriate information in a template, 2-3 times per month. Archivists entered the data into the delicious account, formatted it into newsletter appropriate html, and posted the public update list.

The process is also open to suggestions and changes. Again, I'd love to hear from anyone you might like to volunteer for the project.